“Respect The Run” Campaign
NYRR Etiquette Campaign - Concepting, Branding, Illustration
New York Road Runners developed a creative campaign to raise awareness around runner safety and etiquette to ultimately influence and create behavioral change — isolating bad behaviors to make the runner experience safer and better. It had to take on a light-hearted tone and a visual approach to entertain and create engagement, be mindful of diversity and be scalable to long-lasting, cross-platforms storytelling. 
We developped monsters illustrations that allow to show bad behaviour in an humorous way while avoiding age, gender or ethnicity representations. We briefed and worked hand in hand with a copywriter (www.jaydeejana.com) to come up with a collection of clever, tongue-in-cheek taglines. The combination of fun taglines and illustrations creates accountability without pointing fingers and makes for a story the runners will remember while putting a smile on their face. 
Ideation, Creative Direction, Illustration, Execution. Images ©New York Road Runners
Characters Studies
In Situation - Race Course, TCS New York City Marathon Expo, Airb'n'b Brooklyn Half Expo, NYRR Run Center
Character Studies
In Situation - NYRR Run Center, United Airlines Manhattan Half Start Village
Characters Study
Digital Applications
Alternate Direction Using Animals Illustrations

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