New York Road Runners (NYRR) is a non-profit running organization based in New York City. It conducts more than 100 events each year, including the New York City Marathon, weekly races all over NYC's 5 burroughs, classes, clinics, and lectures.
I was asked to create the branding for “NYRR Open Run”, their new community-based initiative in collaboration with NYC Parks.
NYRR Open Run is bringing free weekly runs and walks to local neighborhood parks, all over NYC. It is open to everyone, from pro runners to dilletante, from kids to seniors and families with strollers. 
We created a fun and approachable look & feel, to attract as many people as possible, whatever their age or background.
I decided to go with an illustration, which allows to represent any profile and play with a flexible system.
Checkout the website:
Identity, Art Direction, Illustration
Characters Studies
Characters Collection
Bronx and Staten Island Subway Campaign
Site (production by Resolute Digital)
Time Out Ad
Park Signage
Winter Characters
T-shirt and Poster

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